Be Still Our Hearts! Inbdal Dror Returns For Two-Day Trunk Show (March 28 & 29)

If you've ever combed Pinterest for some bridal inspiration (who hasn't?), then you've definitely come across an Inbal Dror gown. The Israeli haute couture designer has been shared and circulated across all social media channels by trendsetting brides given her penchant for sexy, sultry, and absolutely stunning designs.

Trained in Tel Aviv, Dror spent time in Milan refining her craft while working for world renowed designers such as Roberto Cavalli. It was during this time that she gained an appreciation for modest vintage designs while cultivating a more modern style of her own. The result? A fun and daring blend of old and new world that truly sets Inbal Dror apart. She is widely celebrated for her tasteful use of form fitting fabrics, plunging necklaces, backless features, and barely there straps.

This week, Chic Parisien will host a two-day Inbal Dror Trunk Show featuring one of the designer's most recent collections. Brides will be delighted to preview a wide array of form fitting silhouettes featuring many vintage touches including delicate French lace, airy tulle, and intricate pearl and Swarovski detailing.

Rarely modest, Inbal Dror gowns perhaps invite the more daring bride, who wishes to strike a balance between sensual and romantic. The designer's use of plunging necklines paired with long sleeves, for instance, is a perfect example of this collection's flirtatious play between risqué and elegant.

Inbal Dror Trunk Show @ Chic Parisien

March 28 - 29, 2014

For appointments, (305) 448-5756