Blushing Bride!

When planning a wedding, beautiful, pretty and gorgeous are definitely adjectives brides want to hear… Not only when describing how they look, which we believe ALL brides look gorgeous on their wedding day, but how the wedding looks!  So if a bride wants to bring the pretty, BLUSH PINK is the perfect way to go. Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Biel both went blush pink with their gowns, but even a simple blush pink hair accessory, nail color or an accent on the cake will be elegant, gorgeous, delicate… Simply, beautiful!   Here are some of our favorite blush pink dresses and bridal inspirations!   What do you think, is blush pink gorgeous and romantic or is it too feminine for a wedding affair?  Would love to hear what you think... and for more blush inspiration go here! XOXO

Bouquet white dress:  Lisa Lefkowitz

Pink cupcakes:  Catch My Party

Pink Ribbon Cake:  Linda Rosa

Pink Bouquet Centerpiece:  Karen Buckle Photography

Pink Flower Girl dress: Kristin Vining Photography

Reese and Jessica Wedding Pics:  Hello! Magazine