Bring It Back

Sure, the first impression is usually the front of the wedding dress, but isn't the back just as important? If your wedding includes a ceremony and an aisle, it's likely that your guests will be looking at the back of your dress for most of the ceremony. When you're looking in the mirror, you're probably focused on the front - but your guests (and your photos!) are looking from all angles - so don't forget to think about the back!

Over the past few years, dresses have plunged dramatically in the back; it's a way to give a traditional dress an element of surprise or feel sexy by tastefully showing some skin. Designers have been experimenting with taking dresses of all shapes and styles for a dip in the back. You can find everything with a low or exposed back - short, long, traditional, bold, classic, modern, sleeveless, sparkly or simple.

Are you shopping for a dress, considering a low back? Or are you a bride who opted for a sexy back? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook at

Photos taken at Chic Parisien.