Gorgeous Berta Bridal's Real Brides

The dresses have arrived, the brides-to-be have been booked for their appointments and the Special Engagement Berta Bridal Trunk Show is about to start!  We really couldn’t be more excited for this weekend’s trunk show!  Berta’s bridal collection is exquisite, the lace, the fits, the drama… Truly, it is for a bride longing to be striking!   So in honor of the special engagement trunk show, we’ve rounded up some real Berta Brides to showcase their stunning beauty… They are magnificent!

The special engagement Berta Bridal trunk show is this weekend and there are only a few appointments left, so brides-to-be if interested, go here for your appointment.  And in the meantime, any particular dress that you are loving?  Tell us about it, we always love to hear!