Happy Friday & Would You Dare?

Yay Friday!   Every once in a while we like to shake things up and get out of our comfort zone.  So we’ve designated this weekend as an offbeat weekend and we’re going to do something a bit off the beaten path.  We’ve been throwing around ideas – maybe canoeing? Maybe going to a new restaurant and having our waiter order for us?  Maybe facing our biggest fear and skydiving?  Not sure what we’ll do (probably not skydiving, ha!) but it'll hopefully, turn out to be a fun, shake things up kind of weekend!

This got us thinking, how risky and/or offbeat can a bride be?  Would you dare move out of your comfort zone on your big day?  Here are some dresses from Manuel Mota Bridal Collection that are not your traditional wedding dress.   We think they are so CHIC & FANTASTIC! Would you dare!?!?!