How To Take Care of Your Wedding Dress Before and After Your Wedding

We know that a wedding dress is an investment, albeit a beautiful investment that you get to wear, celebrate love and dance in, but an investment nonetheless. Like any investment it requires a bit of care, patience and attention to maintain it. Brides ask us all the time the best way to care for the dress before the wedding and what to do to preserve it after, so we thought we'd round up a few basic tips that apply to almost every dress and share them here:

  • When you buy your dress we'll give it to you prepped and wrapped up so that you can just hang it up safely.
  • If you're traveling to your wedding destination be sure you hang it up as soon as you arrive. Ideally, the dress will be able to hang for a few days before the wedding and rest on the rack.
  • While it may seem like the right thing to do is steam the dress, usually that's a gentler way to get the wrinkles out, it's not what you want to do with most dresses. You should press the dress with a new iron on a silk setting and use a clean pillowcase in between the iron and the dress to minimize the direct heat.
  • After the wedding, when you've danced, hugged, kissed and are through with the big day - take it to be dry cleaned immediately after. Don't waste any time.

Don't forget our Monique Lhuillier trunk show is this weekend (September 19-20). It's not too late to book an appointment and come try these dresses on in person. And then take care of them after of course.

images via Monique Lhuillier