Meet The Chic Team: Keidy

Hi Keidy, you’re the very to be interviewed for our new blog feature where we’re talking to our very chic staff members. Can you tell us a bit about yourself, like how long you’ve been at CP and what you do at the store?

I've been at Chic Parisien for a little over 5 years now. I would have to say the most important part of this career is being a stylist to my brides. A wedding day is such a meaningful and memorable moment in a woman's life - I love being a part of it. I also like to dabble in all parts of the business, from sitting in on bridal alterations to dealing with designer reps and setting up trunk shows. For the past two years, I've been honored to attend Bridal Market in New York City. It's a great experience searching for the perfect dresses to be eventually sold in our store.

What’s your favorite part of the bridal gown selection process? 

I enjoy sitting with my brides for our original "pow wow" as I like to call it. This is where I really get to know my brides and what bridal look they are dreaming of. And who doesn't enjoy the moment when it just clicks and you see the bride light up in her gown? I get just as excited as they do!

On TV they make it look like a bride puts on THE gown and she just knows it’s the ONE. Do you see brides have this experience? Or would you say that only happens on-screen? 

I'd have to say that yes, brides do experience this moment. However not all brides experience it the same way. I feel TV may over-dramatize the moment. Some brides cry, some don't. Some brides get very excited, some get giddy and even say they feel like they have the butterflies. Everyone experiences it differently. Not all brides feel that a-ha moment.

Do you have a tip for newly engaged, future-brides before they start the process of looking for a dress?

A feel a few tips are important. Do a little research of some styles that you may like, print photos and bring them to your stylist. Also, have your venue location set. It's so important to have your gown and venue flow together. Last but definitely not least, have your budget already decided before you begin your shopping process. This will help make your selection process smoother.

Do you have a favorite bridal dress cut, color and look? 

Working in bridal gives me the opportunity to explore all different styles so choosing one would be particularly difficult. I am enjoying the play on color that I'm seeing from some designers. Its a fresh approach for today's brides.

Favorite designer?

Just like in styles, I couldn't possibly pick just one designer. I relate to each one for what each represents. They all have elements that are uniquely theirs. For instance, Monique Lhuillier always remains true to her aesthetic; light, airy, romantic yet modern. Lazaro really understands a woman's curves and his designs are always extravagant and glamorous. Inbal Dror has such a soft feminine and sultry look. Romona Keveza is a modern approach to the classic bride.

How would you describe your personal style? 

Let me see... what day is it today???? My style.. hmmm... I would have to say I flirt with styles from classic and modern to bohemian luxe but always with a twist.

Any advice for the Mother of the Bride? 

This is your daughters most important day. Be supportive. She needs you now more than ever to help her find her very own signature look.

What do you think is the secret to proper bridal gown accessorizing? I think it probably seems like that part is easy and shopping for the dress is the hardest part, but I have a feeling the accessories are just as important and maybe harder to shop for…. 

The accessories are just as important. They are what complete the bridal look. Once you have selected your gown play with a few accessories. If you find it too hard to decide at that time, set up an appointment for an accessories appointment or trunk show. These are actually a lot of fun. We put on your gown, do your hair and style you from head to toe. It's a great way to revisit your gown and pamper yourself with a little more bridal beauty.

Last but not least, describe your perfect day. 

My perfect day consists of a good workout to get the day started in a positive way. That followed by making a girls dream come true by finding her dress. Topping it off would be relaxing at home with my two little ones by reading them a book and giving them some yummy kisses.

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