Pre-Lovers' Day Inspiration!

Yay, tomorrow is Lovers’ Holiday… Otherwise known as Valentine’s day!  As you can imagine this is one day we HEART at Chic Parisien!   Firstly, it is an extremely popular day for couples to get engaged.  And we have to admit Valentine’s Day engagements are our favorites, they are always so romantic!   But secondly, and more importantly, it is a day to celebrate LOVE!

We know many cynics don’t enjoy this day anymore, but at its core, it's really such a lovely occasion!  It is the one day of the year that is meant for couples to celebrate their love for each other! We say, who cares what cynics think…Take a moment, say I love you to that special someone, be romantic, be corny, have fun, and definitely, take advantage and smooch your lover as much as you want!

And just in case you need some last minute inspiration, here is a roundup of great Valentine’s Day goodies from around the web… Happy Lovers’ Holiday!


Yum! Chocolate Caramels

The perfect red lip!

Pretty and Sexy in Pink

Cutest food valentines!

Drop Dead Gorgeous Red Dress


Image source:  Julianne Berry Photography