What is the meaning of Something Blue?

When it comes to wedding traditions, which by the way, we love most of them, sometimes they are a conundrum as to why they exist and what they mean.  For example, ever wonder where “Something Blue” comes from?  Something old, something new, something borrowed... we can easily imagine what these traditions may represent; but something blue!?!? We were stumped!

The custom is based on the following traditional English poem:
Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe
All items mentioned in the poem: old, new, borrowed, blue, sixpence… are meant to be tokens of good luck for the big day, each one representing something different.  “Something Blue” represents love, modesty and fidelity. And this idea of representing the love and fidelity you have for each other as part of your wedding day wardrobe really struck a chord with us... It is just so ROMANTIC!
In recent years, we have seen some creative ways of including blue: shoes, lingerie, sash, bridesmaids dresses, a temporary tattoo… Will you be including blue in your wedding day wardrobe?  Any creative ideas?  Would love to hear them... In the meantime, for more cool blue ideas check our Pinterest board here!

Bridesmaid:  Chelsey Paul