Spring into Wedding Season!

It’s official, spring has officially started, and that dear friends, puts us in the best mood.  Yes, we know what you’re thinking… “You’re in South Florida, do you even have such a thing as Spring?!?!?”  True... We get it. Our fluctuation in weather is so slight, we don't deserve to refer to seasons as stations.  Yet, spring for us means longer days, it means going into the water when we visit the beach, and most important, spring means new love!

Spring is an extremely popular time to get engaged, and an even more popular time of year to get married!  Definitely, spring weddings can be the most intimate and romantic of affairs, or the most extravagant and lavish ones too.   However, no matter what the bride-to-be chooses, what’s definitely true of spring weddings, is that they are the freshest and fairest of them all.

What does spring mean to you?  Is it just like any other time of year or do you see it differently?  We always love to hear.  In the meantime, here are some fun links from around the web that inspired us this week and thought you would enjoy!

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Image:  Kirsten Boehmer Photography