Summer Wedding Style: Sleeves, Sweat and Sweet Love

A recent New York Times article tackled a summer wedding problem that we’ve all faced, to sleeve or not to sleeve. Author Joyce Wadler talks about a problem that, as she puts it, all “ladies of a certain age” face. “There comes a time in your life, even if your have a personal trainer and are taking your meals in the gym, when the muscles and skin on your inner upper arms give up.”

Regardless of age, I’m sure you can relate – we sure can - summer wardrobe choices amplify these little concerns.

Everyone has body zones they worry about, especially when making a big, and sure-to-be-photographed, purchase like a dress to wear to a wedding. Summer wedding ensembles certainly have additional challenges; with the weather as hot as it is down here in sunny Miami and the humidity as high as it is, we’re always looking to avoid an, ahem, sweat problem.

But let’s not let those little worries take away from the real focus of all this summer style hoopla, the coming together of a new couple in a big, joyous and sunny celebration. Summer weddings, for a bit of extra complications and risk involving weather, are a special type of bright. The season tends to bring out the cheer in everyone, people feel celebratory, everything is green, flowers are in full bloom and there’s no better time for a party.

So sip on some lemonade (spiked or non!), kick back and smell the roses, enjoy the later sunset and feel beautiful in whatever dress you pick for a summer wedding.

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images via bridal guide, refinery29

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