Three Things to Avoid On Your Wedding Day

A few weeks ago we chatted with Catherine about "Three Do's For Brides On Their Wedding Day," who better to give some tips and tricks she's picked up after years of talking to brides? Today, she's telling us three things she things bride's shouldn't do on their wedding day. We won't call them "don'ts" because every girl has her own way, but we will say that if you follow this advice you'll make your day just that extra bit less stressful - don't say we didn't warn you!

  • Avoid making a drastic change to your appearance right before the wedding. If you're going to try a new look for your wedding, go for it way in advance. You don't want to chop off your signature long locks a week before the wedding and then go into a panic because you don't look like you.
  • Try to avoid salty foods the day before. Salty foods can be comforting if you're nerves are running a bit wild, we know the power of a bag of chips, but avoid salty food because you'll retain water and be a bit bloated.
  • Make all your accessory decisions in advance. Avoid leaving yourself accessory options to decide on the last minute. Have your details picked out in advance so that you can sit back and enjoy the day without worrying over your earring choice in your precious few hours.

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